2016 ist the year of the Monkey. In 2016 on changing the Green Wooden goat will come fun and naughty Red Fire Monkey!

Everyone is trying to please the Lord of the new year and prepare for the feast, to appease him. The first of which begins with this holiday Christmas table, Christmas outfits, Christmas makeup, Christmas nails design 2016.

Outfits for a holiday is to choose a bright, unusual and creative, because the Monkey does not tolerate modesty! It is the Year of red monkey offers a world of bright colors. Colors suitable for next year, sand, green, coffee, light green, orange, brown, purple, yellow, khaki, blue, black and turquoise. Relevant all shades of primary colors! As always popular gold and silver – the color of wealth and prosperity!

New year is a noisy, bright, fun and fabulous holiday! Take care about Christmas way in advance, everything should be compatible and harmonious.

A mandatory attribute of this holiday colored tinsel, streamers, glitter, glowing rain, nail rhinestones, sequins, glitter, paillettes. Very carefully need to pick an outfit and manicure, because you can accidentally turn into a Christmas tree, but it’s bad. Lern More.